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J&T banka d.d.

J&T banka d.d. – a Member of the J&T Finance Group

J&T banka d.d. – a Member of the J&T Finance Group its roots date back to 1994, when the Brodsko-posavska banka d.d. was incorporated in Slavonski Brod, and in 2005, to build upon the tradition of the former Varaždinska banka, it changed its name to Vaba d.d. banka Varaždin and relocated to there.

The quality service offered by Vaba d.d. banka Varaždin has been recognised by the leading Czech Bank J&T which, in June 2014, recapitalised the Bank by HRK 75,000,000.00, bringing the Bank’s overall capital to HRK 128,700,000.00. In January 2015 there was further investment into the Bank’s share capital by J&T Bank, the majority owner, resulting in the Bank’s stock equity amounting to HRK 166,085,400.00 and the share capital increased to 231,085,400.00 kuna.

The last increase in June 2016, based on the decision of the Board of Vaba d.d. banka and approval of the Supervisory Board, the share capital of Vaba d.d. banka has been increased additionaly by paying of the majority owner of the Bank, the Czech J&T Bank, in the amount of HRK 76,000,000.00.

Today, the total share capital amounts to 307,085,400.00 kuna, while the stake of J & T Banka a.s.  amounts 82.55 percent.
From January 1st 2017, Vaba starts operating under the name J&T banka d.d.

J&T banka d.d.
Aleja kralja Zvonimira 1
42000 Varaždin

IBAN: HR77 2489 0041 0067 5539 1
Registration number: 0675539
OIB: 38182927268