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Management and Supervisory Board

Management Board

Hrvoje Draksler- President of the Management Board 

On 17th September Mr. Draksler was appointed to the position of the President of the Management Board. At that position, he is in charge of the Sales Sector (except for the Sales Support, Product Development and Card Business) Management Board Office, General and Legal Affairs, Finance Sector, IT Sector and Information Security.
Mr. Draksler arrived to J&T banka d.d. from Erste&Steiermärkiche Bank d.d, where he spent a couple of years in a row. Before his arrival to J&T banka d.d., he performed the function of the Director of Collection and NPL Management Department.
He performed the duty of the Management Board Advisor since 1st May 2017 until the day of his appointment to the position of the Management Board Member, which duty he performed until the 17th September 2018.

Petar Rajković - Member of the Management Board

Petar Rajković arrived to the Bank after college in May 2007. He worked as a Risk Management Associate until 2009, when he becomes the Head of the Credit Risk Management Department. Since January 2016 until his appointment to the position of the Management Board Member, he was the Director of the Risk Management Sector (which included functions of the Credit Committee Deputy and Member of the Asset and Liability Management Committee).
At the position of the Management Board Member he is in charge for the Risk Management Sector, Sales Support, Product Development and Card Business, Banking Operations Sector, Compliance and Anti Money-Laundering and Human Resources.
He is also a member of the Risk Committee in the Bank Associaton at Croatian Chamber of Economy and a member of the steering committee in sports society VabaSport.




Supervisory Board

Kovač Igor, President of the Supervisory Board
Filipović Željko, member
Strapek Július, member
Kotek Jan, member
Ašer, Štěpán, member